In this section, I wanted to demostrate some examples of forms.

 What kind of animal is your favorite pet? 

The first one,to the left, is an example of an online poll or question. Once the user inputs an answer, Javascript displays their choice in an alert box. Pretty neat, huh? Good ahead and try it.

The second form example below is a registeration form. This would be ideal if you need info stored in a database or e-mailed to a event coordinator. This form has text areas, radio buttons and check boxes and is made with CSS and html. Since this is an example, this form's info will not be sent anywhere.


Please complete your exhibitor profile:

Title Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Lunch Sponsor
Bingo Sponsor

1st choice   2nd choice   3rd choice
Total number of booths purchased:

Name of Business on Sign: (The sign measures at 6' x 32' and is white with blue letters.)


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